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Sochi Turns Up In To A “Ghost Town”

Sochi once was the hottest spot on earth during the winter Olympics that was held in the year 2014. The Russian city during the period of the Olympics was filled with various tourists filling in the stands of the stadiums. The world class infrastructure that was built during the Olympics is now left alone without being used at all. It is a picture that is similar to all the cities who once was a host of a major sporting event.

The winter Olympics was hosted in the city of Sochi Russia this year. The country spent millions of euros to construct the world class facilities that were used during the games. A special 40,000 capacity stadium with world class seating arrangements was built but currently it is of no use. The various shops and other arrangements were made to lure the people coming from the various countries. During the games it was a city which seemed to be celebrating a festival of sporting events. The streets and shops were filled with all the guests coming from various cities across the world to cheer their teams.

Once the town was most sort after town in the country of Russia but today the city of Sochi is nothing less than a Ghost Town. As soon as the various visitors and the media personal left the town the city lost its life. Currently all the shops that were built are of no use. The stadiums are left empty and the streets are without any people on it. The media reporters visited the place a week earlier and found that it is nothing but lifeless. The stadiums that were built for the games currently is of no use but the city will be back in life during the winter skiing championship and 2018 world cup.

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